The Most Famous Dishes in Dubai

One of the most exciting things to do when visiting foreign lands is to do a bit of sampling of favorite local cuisine, especially if you are a devout foodie. While intercontinental travel is no longer just a luxury for the rich and famous, it can cost quite a pretty penny if you don’t plan your trip well in advance. You do want to save that money to eat some amazing local foods, don’t you?

Why not take that extra time to find cheap flight tickets from Hyderabad to Dubai, for example, as two stops along your trip through Asia? You might want to make Dubai your last stop on the trip because the most famous dishes in Dubai are a mix of all those delicious foods from all other Arabic countries combined. Whether for business or pleasure, Dubai is the place to plan an extended stay for foodies.

Roasted Camel

If we are going to talk about Dubai’s most famous dishes, why not start with the most bizarre? Usually reserved for weddings and major celebrations like holidays, Roasted Camel is actually the world’s largest dish! The entire camel is stuffed and roasted on a spit along with an entire lamb, at least 20 chickens, a huge amount of fish, rice and vegetables. You asked for famous, didn’t you? This is as good (or bizarre!) as it gets.


With a base of cooked bulgur, tabbouleh is a salad containing tomatoes, cucumbers, peeled carrots and fresh mint topped cooked together before being chilled with lemon juice, water, and olive oil. Even vegans can enjoy Dubai cuisine and alongside hummus, kousa mahshi, and baba ganoush, there will be plenty to eat that doesn’t contain meat or meat products.

Al Harees

Baked together for hours, this dish comprised of wheat and white meat along with a pinch or two of salt is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai and throughout the Arab world. To the westerner, it resembles a mash or porridge in consistency but is served like a soup in a crock. Amazingly delicious and filling!

Kousa Mahshi

Here is another amazing dish for those who aren’t open to trying camel and don’t have a taste for lamb. The most popular meal in the UAE, Kousa Mahshi is basically zucchini (courgettes) stuffed with rice and typically served on a bed of tomato sauce.

Baba Ganoush

Served with pita or flatbread on the side (for dipping of course!), baba ganoush is a pureed blend of smoked eggplant, tomatoes, and onions with a bit of extra olive oil. Typically served as an appetizer, many vegans and vegetarians order an extra-large bowl to eat as a main course and it is quickly becoming one of the top five most popular foods in Dubai and in most Arab nations.

Don’t forget, most dishes in the UAE are naturally aromatic because of the blend of spices used like mint and basil. It can truly be said that these dishes will delight the senses and fill the belly without breaking the bank.

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