Top Tourist Attractions in Cusco

Travelers flock to Cusco because it’s the jumping off place to explore Machu Picchu, one of the world’s archeological wonders. But this Peruvian city high in the Andes Mountains shouldn’t be skirted. As the historic capital of the Inca Empire it’s a great place to learn about the Incan culture, adding a new dimension to the Machu Picchu experience. Considered the center of their universe by the indigenous Incas, Cusco is a beautiful city with numerous historic sites just waiting to be explored. Spanish colonial buildings and ancient Inca ruins are just some of the top tourist attractions in Cusco:

Best spot for Honeymoon

Museo Inka

Voyagers who need to recognize what life in Peru was similar to before the Spanish arrived ought to go to the Museo Inka, one of the city’s top historical centers. The Museo Inka is loaded with Inca ancient rarities; and is particularly celebrated for its accumulation of Inca mummies and drinking vessels. Different shows spread adornments, pottery and materials. The exhibition hall, which was based on top of an Incan castle, is housed in what is known as the Admiral’s House, after the first proprietor, Admiral Francisco Aldrete Maldonado. In the sunny patio, Andean weavers exhibit their art and offer conventional materials specifically to people in general.

Planetarium Cusco

Most people know the Incas were great builders, but many travelers may not be aware they also were great astronomers. They defined constellations, and even constructed Cusco’s main streets so they would align with the stars at various times during the year; Cusco was, after all, the center of their universe. Visitors can learn what constellations were important to the Incas and how the stars ruled their lives during nightly tours. There is also the chance to look up at the heavens through powerful telescopes on a visit to this great attraction in Cusco. Advance reservations are required.

Inti Raymi

Every year on June 24, Cusco hosts the second largest festival in South America when it celebrates the Inti Raymi Festival. This Festival of the Sun originated centuries ago to celebrate the winter solstice, which is in June in the southern hemisphere. The festival was banned after the Spanish conquered the Incas, but returned in the mid-20th century. Today, Peruvians wear traditional costumes to celebrate with dancing and parades, but mass sacrifices are no longer carried out, as the Incas re-enact their life in its heyday. The colorful scene takes place at Sacsayhuamán just outside Cusco.

Hatunrumiyoc Street

A great example of stonemason techniques practiced by the Incas is the Twelve Angle Stone found in the middle of Hatunrumiyoc, a narrow cobblestone street that is one of the best preserved Inca roads in Cusco. A wall that was once part of an Inca palace, dominates the street. The 12-sided stone structure features 12 perfect corners. The stones come together so tightly that nothing can be inserted between them, though no mortar is used. Visitors say night is the best time to get photos of the stones.

Vagator Beach in Goa

Located within the Bardez Taluka within the Indian state of Goa, Vagator beach is placed on the opposite side of the Chapora stream. Vagator is in close proximity to 1 of the primary hippy hotspots in Goa, Anjuna Beach. Compared to its neighbor, Vagator beach follows ordered back locality with solely many beach shacks and business institutions. The bounds that forms the beach is split into 2 elements called the massive Vagator and tiny Vagator severally. As you enter the beach, the shore towards your right are huge Vagator and towards the left are very little Vagator. In addition the beach has red cliffs that cowl its scenery and are nice to take a seat and revel in the read and also the sunset.


Climatic Conditions

Located in North Goa, Vagator enjoys a heat climate with many rains throughout the monsoons. Like most of Goa beaches, Vagator stays heat and sunny throughout the year with cool breeze throughoutevenings and early mornings. The summers begin from March and lasts until period of time. The humidness is extreme throughout these months and if you propose to go to throughout this point, it’s higher to remain inside between twelve am and five pm. The monsoon season arrives throughout period of time and lasts until late Sep and sees many rains throughout the season. The time between Oct and Jan marks the cool and temperate season, that is most popular by tourists. all the same, the afternoons is still too hot for those that aren’t too accustomed coastal sun.

Best Time to Visit

Vagator Beach is well visited by tourists all year round because it is one amongst the notable night party spots in Goa. The simplest time to go to the beach is between Oct until January, that marks the start of holidaymaker season and also the joyous season. The summer seasons are often too hot and wet for many visitors who aren’t wont to such heat coastal summers. The monsoons are comparatively cooler however build the seas rough and unfit for swimming and water sports. still, the monsoon in Goa additionally covers the region with lush foliage and may be a sight that shouldn’t be uncomprehensible.

How to Reach and Getting Around

Vagator is in shut proximity to the famous hippy child hotspot, Anjuna Beach. it’s virtually an hour’s drive from Dabolim airpost, that is well connected via flights from major cities in India.  You’ll instead take a taxi which is able to leave you to the beach. the costs but are going to be negotiable with the drivers. Obtaining around in Goa and places close to Vagator beach are often done straightforward via taxis or rental scooters and motorcycles. Don’t forget to rent and ride a Royal Enfield that may be a notable factor among the foreign tourists who visit the state.


Vagator Beach is in close proximity to several attractions and hot spots which will ensure that your trip to Goa is full of fun and frolic. The red cliffs of Vagator are a great spot for viewing the sun set. Apart from this Vagator has been famous since the hippies hit Goa as a nightlife hotspot with several rave and beach parties held here. Vagator has very few beach shacks but one can always buy snacks and beverages from the vendors on the road that leads to the quaint beach. There are also 2 fresh water springs just a few minutes from the beach, which also attracts the visitors.

San Blas Islands Travel Guide

An earth of nearly four hundred islands off the north coast of the Panama Isthmus, the San Blas Islands are a preferred destination as a result of their unspoiled beauty, indigenous folks and straightforward method of life. Of all the islands, solely regarding forty nine are literally populous, serving because the home of the friendly Kuna Yala tribe. the foremost visited of the San Blas Islands include Robinson, Coco Blanco, Kangantupu and Achutupu.

Electricity and trendy conveniences are restricted on the islands, that offers a soothing atmosphere and appealing solitude to several tourists. To boot, the geographical position of the earth protects it from hurricanes. though little in size, El Porvenir is that the space capital and options a building, museum and airstrip wherever several tourists arrive by plane. Boats transport people between the islands.

Time spent on the San Blas Islands consists of sunbathing on the pristine, palm-lined beaches further as swimming, skin diving and diving among many tropical fish species. Hiking trails amid lush vegetation provide views of colourful birds and calls of howler monkeys. Visiting the Kuna Yala Indians may be a great way to find out regarding their language, traditions, music and distinctive dress. The tribe members typically host festivals and dances further as sell handicrafts, that keep souvenirs.

Most of the restaurants on the San Blas Islands are found at intervals hotels on the larger islands and provide a spread of international menus. Native dishes of the Kuna Yala tribe include contemporary food served with coconut rice. The smaller islands sometimes have one primary bar that serves each locals and tourists. As a result of water is piped unfiltered into the villages from streams, foreign tourists are suggested to bring their own drinking water and drinking containers.

France Tourism

For quite 20 years, France has reigned because the world’s hottest traveler destination, receiving eighty two million foreign tourists annual. Folks from everywhere the planet are drawn to France subtle culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cooking, fine wines, romantic chateaux and picturesque country side.

Located within the central region of Ile-de-France is that the capital town, Paris, famous for its world famed landmarks just like the tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris could be a compact town overflowing with museums, art galleries, boutiques and engaging cafes and bars.

Exploring the outer regions of France could be a must-do to expertise the country’s best treasures. as an example, a visit to Carcassonne offers strolls through a walled medieval town whereas an excursion to the Verdon Gorge offers out of doors adventures like climbing, kayaking and rafting. The Chamonix depression presents exciting views of the Alps. The Cote d’Azur offers swimming and sunbathing on stunning, upmarket beaches whereas the Atlantic Coast conjointly the island of Corsica also supply some wonderful beaches. The river depression is favored for its several beautiful French chateaux.

Copper Canyon Travel Guide

Named when the copper-green color of the canon walls, the Copper canon could be a network of six canyons that combined measures larger than the gorge within the us. Situated within the Sierra Madre of the state of Chihuahua, this canon system offers a number of Mexico’s most extraordinary scenery.

Copper canon is made in variety with many various species of trees, flowers and life likewise as rivers, natural hot springs, waterfalls and intriguing rock shapes like the San Ignacio formations that resemble the likes of humans, animals and plants. variety of ancient Mexican cities are found throughout the area including Creel, Hidalgo de Parall, Batopilas and Urique.

Copper canyon has traditionally been home to the native Indian tribe referred to as Tarahumara, or Rar·muri. These quiet individuals usually dwell in adobes and caves, earning income by selling numerous handicrafts like hand-carved violins and woven pine needle baskets to travelers.

There are many ways to explore Copper canyon like bus, driving, hiking, horse riding and mountain biking, however the foremost outstanding means is by the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, ordinarily known as “El Chepe.” Covering over four hundred mile of rails, eighty six tunnels and thirty-nine bridges, this train journey offers a number of the Copper Canyon’s most spectacular scenery. The train makes many scene stops like the popular one at Divisadero wherever travelers will relish breathless views and buy foods and handicrafts from the Tarahumaran people.