A Few Ways to Annoy a Torontonian

Toronto is a city that is known for its multiculturalism. With that in mind, one might assume that Torontonians are very adept and respecting cultural differences and staying open minded about how others do things. Well… this is true, but it is still very possible to really piss off a Torontonian and bring their blood to a boil by stepping into a few of these Toronto faux pas. Ways that you can piss off a Torontonian include.


Sit right next to them on an empty bus or subway

We all know that when a bus or subway is packed you’ll sit where ever you can. This is totally accepted and okay, but when there are plenty of spots available Torontonians will not like it if you plop down right next to them. Kind of like a movie theater when you don’t know the next person in the aisle, if you can, you’ll try to leave a one seat buffer. People in Toronto are all about their buffer zones and like it a lot more when they have space to themselves. Also, people do not like random conversation just because someone is sitting nearby to them. So the moral of the story is do not sit next to people on public transit and if circumstance demands you must – do not talk to them and people in Toronto won’t get annoyed at you.

Telling Torontonians that you hate Toronto

Now this one seems fairly clear doesn’t it as most people will hate it if you diss where they live, but yet it happens all the time. Especially meeting other Canadians there is a nationwide distrust, burgeoning on dislike, for Toronto. Well often ignorance breeds fear and fear leads to dislike, but still its not really open minded to proclaim that Toronto is completely full of cold snobs who care only about money and status. Quite, a blanket generalization… If you say things like that people in Toronto are going to want to avoid you like the plague. I mean they “choose” to live here.

Asking a Torontonian why they voted in Mayor Rob Ford

At this point the big buffoon who is the mayor of Toronto has embarrassed himself and the city on numerous occasions. Rob Ford is loud, crass and has a tendency to end up in headlines, sometimes international, for all the wrong reasons. There were allegations of drunkenness, groping, and even illegal drug use and this before we have gotten to his unpopular policies. At this point Torontonians want to wash their hands clean of the guy and having outsiders asking why “we” voted for him is salt in the wound.