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The Best Things To See and Do In Cirebon

mosqueThere is nothing wrong with routine. It can actually be a good thing. Having a set schedule helps keep you organized and makes sure everything gets done. Sometimes? It feels good to break free of routine. To let go of those everyday responsibilities. That is where travel comes into the equation. Travelling the world allows you to explore, discover, and connect to your inner adventurer. What are you waiting for? It is time to do some travelling of your very own. Get inspired and get out there. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Cirebon, Indonesia.


Spend a Little Time at the At-Taqwa Great Mosque. You are ready to experience something new. Something exciting. So start by planning an unforgettable trip to Cirebon. Start with accommodations and then figure out your list of things to do. You can book online the hotels of your choice, like the Grage Hotel Cirebon. Once you have done that? It is time to plot and plan your days. Make sure a stop off at the At-Taqwa Great Mosque is part of your trip. This mosque is known for its architecture and view. Visitors can actually enter the tower to enjoy a full 360 view of the city. Not a bad way to check out the magic and wonder that Cirebon has to offer.

Visit The Sunyaragi Caves. There are many memorable places to visit in Cirebon. Like the Sunyaragi Caves (also called the Taman Gua Sunyaragi). This is an incredible place to spend some time. The Sunyaragi garden and cave has been around since the 17th century. The main purpose of this area was for the King’s family to meditate. Now? Visitors can enjoy all of the beauty and wonder for themselves. You can enter the caves, take a walk of the area, and learn how people used to meditate and fast inside of the caves. Something to keep in mind? You can hire a local guide (they are usually waiting by the entrance gates when you arrive at the caves). This will help you get a deeper understanding of the area, the history, and local culture.


Go and See The Keraton Kasepuhan. This is your chance. You can find out more about the history of West Java Kingdom by heading over to the Keraton Kasepuhan. This allows visitors to learn about the history of the area and find out about legendary warriors. It is one of the biggest King Palaces in the area…which makes it a must see spot. There are guides available to help you discover even more. It is well worth it. What can you expect inside the museum itself? There are multiple buildings with weaponry, artefacts, and more. This is a fantastic place to visit for travellers of all ages.

Are you sick and tired of the daily grind? Then make a change. It is time to start dreaming up your very own getaway to Cirebon, Indonesia. There is so much to see and do. Believe it or not…this is only the beginning!