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Extreme Tourism Destinations: North Korea

Extreme tourism is that the latest trend in vacationing. Several tourists are sick of ancient vacation destinations are seeking thrills that your typical vacation location merely cannot offer. Several of those places is also scary or maybe dangerous but for several travelers that’s a part of the allure. While there are varied places to expertise extreme tourism, this guide will go over one of the most remote and unknown, the East Asian nation of North Korea.

PyongyangNorth Korea is one among the foremost closed and forbidden countries on the world. One of the last remaining Communist dictatorships, North Korea could be a totalitarian police state with very little to no freedom of data or movement. Any guests to North Korea are subject to monitoring during the entirety of their visit and aren’t allowed to deviate from the official government tour in any manner below penalty of immediate deportation or maybe imprisonment. Even famed journalists aren’t immune from prosecution, Laura Ling, a journalist with Current TV was imprisoned by the North Korean government for two months in 2009 for illegal entry into North Korea and were only released after intervention by former president Bill Clinton.

The official government tour of North Korea encompasses variety of sites, mostly related to North Korean information. one of the foremost outstanding locations could be a huge sculpture of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, settled on Mansu Hill. Another stop on the tour is that the U.S.S. Pueblo, that is an American warship which was captured by the North Korean government and now used as an anti-American propaganda museum. This theme is repeated constantly throughout the tour and variety of different sites are dedicated to opposing South Korean, Japanese and American propaganda. The Ryugong Hotel is not on the government tour but it is visible from nearly anyplace in the capital town, Pyongyang. This building is probably the foremost picture within the country. The building dominates the skyline of the capital and resembles a vast pyramid. One other highlight of the govt tour could be a visit to the North/South Korean DMZ or Demilitarized Zone, which is the dividing barrier between North and South Korea.Songam Cave

North Korea isn’t a straightforward country to enter. People from certain countries, as well as Japan and South Korea are strictly illegal from coming into the country. There are not any international flights into North Korea aside from occasional flights from Russia and China.

In order for the average Western traveler to enter the country one should first visit Southern China and apply for a visa at the North Korean embassy and either take a ferry or flight into Pyongyang. When entering North Korea an excellent deal of things don’t seem to be allowed to be brought into the country, as well as powerful cameras, GPS devices, cell phones, any printed literature and plenty of, more things. Before traveling to North Korea be sure to consult the North Korean consulate website for a complete and updated list of banned items. Bringing contraband into North Korea may result in very severe consequences and may not be tried.

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‘Tis the Season for Travel: Why You Don’t Want to Be Home for the Holidays

As the air starts to chill and the leaves start to turn, many people are turning to their computers to book their flights home for the imminent holiday season. However, before you commit to flying home, you may want to consider going anywhere else. On the one hand, holidays with the family is comforting and simple — but on the other hand, the world is full of unique and exciting opportunities for those willing to explore. Instead of spending the season flying back and forth from your hometown, you should devote this year’s holidays to travel, and here’s why.

HolidaysDestinations Are More Exciting

The vast majority of your vacation time is likely spent during the milder months in spring, summer, and fall, which means you probably have precious little exposure to how the rest of the world looks and acts when the weather gets wild. December is one of the most intense times of year around the globe, with the northern hemisphere locked in winter and the southern hemisphere enduring the height of summer. Plus, many of the world’s most important celebrations occur during the holiday season, and traveling during this time grants you access to cultural traditions you aren’t likely to find at home sweet home. The result is a more exhilarating and enlightening travel experience, which few true travelers should be willing to pass up.

For inspiration and motivation, here are some of the most beautiful and exciting holiday season destinations:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland. At the best of times, Iceland seems like an alien planet, but when daylight only lasts four hours and the green-blue aurora borealis lights up the sky, you are in for a fantastical treat. Plus, Iceland doesn’t believe in Santa Claus — but instead has 13 trolls who torment kids for fun.
  • Niagara Falls, Canada. Sure, the Falls are breathtaking when water is thundering over the edge in warm weather, but during wintertime, the Falls can actually freeze solid, creating a massive natural ice sculpture. Plus, the city of Niagara Falls bedecks itself with millions of glittering lights for the season.
  • Venice, Italy. Admittedly, the winter weather in Venice is absolutely dreadful — foggy and damp — but the relative dearth of travelers makes locals uncharacteristically upbeat. Some of Venice’s biggest tourist attractions are nearly empty around the holidays, which makes the twinkling lights reflected in the canals extra special.
  • Bali, Indonesia. It’s cliché to escape the holidays in the Caribbean; for at true traveler’s treat, you should head to Bali, where the weather is divinely warm. More likely than not, you won’t see a single sprig of holly or hear a familiar carol — which is just what some holiday travelers need.
  • Maui, Hawaii. Maui is a large tourist location with great nightlife and plenty of day-time activities. With plenty of Maui vacation rentals available there is something for everyone when it comes to accommodations. The warm sun and beautiful beaches definitely beat the cold weather back home.

Rates Are Cheaper

Airlines, hotels, and other essential service providers in the travel industry know full well that they rely on warm-weather tourists for the bulk of their income, which means they jack up prices when people are likely to go on vacation. Likewise, to entice off-season travelers, the travel industry collectively lowers its rates during the wintertime. Flights to Europe are at their annual lows during December, which means touring the continent during the holidays will give you the best deals you’re likely to get.

travelAppreciation for Home Deepens

While you are away enjoying new cultures, seeing new wonders, and experiencing the holidays like never before, you will inevitably compare what you observe with what you are familiar with at home. Plenty of alternative holiday celebrations are exciting and fun, but nothing is quite as comfortable as the holiday traditions you grew up with. Slowly but surely, your holiday travel will give you strong sensations of nostalgia and appreciation for the holidays at home.

Relationships Grow Stronger

Undoubtedly the biggest hang-up for holiday travel is the missed opportunity to see one’s family during such a special time of year. However, some psychologists argue that spending one holiday season away from home may help family relationships stay strong — and even grow stronger. Despite the atmosphere of intimacy, spending the holidays at home is more often than not an emotionally taxing experience. Granting yourself a reprieve from the stress of work and family will allow you to heal, so next year’s family holidays will easier to handle.

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Places to See in Corbett

Check out the places to see in Corbett and include it in your bucket list.

Corbett National Park

The Corbett National park contains a top attractive beauty and also the picturesque atmosphere accentuates it. The topography of Corbett National park is varied with hilly and riverine areas, marshes, plateaus and ravines. Sal and sesham trees dominate the Flora in Corbett National park.

Great HornbillThe Fauna in Corbett National parkis fascinating. The park houses about 50 mammal species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species., 580 bird species and twenty five reptile species. However the most wonderful sights are the wildlife attraction in Corbett National Park. Corbett may be a haven for Tigers, four varieties of Deer, Wild Boar and a few lesser-known animals. The hilly areas of the park are home to leopards and a few nocturnal cats just like the Felis chaus and fishing cat.

The Himalayan Black bear is seen in the higher hills while the Sloth bear is found in the lower hilly areas .The wild Dog and the Jackal are found in the southern parts of the Park. The rocky hillsides are home to the Ghoral or Goat Antelopes. Elephants are found along the Ramganga River. So also the long snouted Gharial Crocodile and the ‘mugger’ Crocodile. The Languar and Rhesus monkeys are found almost throughout the park warning the whole jungle about he arrival of any predator with its shrill alarm calls.

Wildlife Viewing and Safaris

corbettWildlife Viewing and Safaris in Corbett Elephant rides are an expertise though the elephants rarely venture into the deep jungles beyond the grasslands. Still you’d be able to view chital, sambhar and varied other deer species. Tiger sightings are few but you may be able to see recent pugmarks. auto expedition is that the most convenient and fruitful approach of traveling through fresh pugmarks. Jeep safaris are going to be a delight for the the wildlife enthusiast and photographer .

Tourist Destinations Near Corbett

fishingAnglers can make a visit to Ramnagar, 50kms from Corbett, that could be a smart base for fishing. It is also the administrative center for Corbett national park and Project tiger. But the best place for angling would be Lohachur, 15 kms along the river Kosi where the lucky few might be able to hook the legendary mahaseer (a kind of carp). Keep in to get the necessary permission from the Project tiger Office, Ramnagar for your fishing expeditions.

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Kedarnath – The place of holy destination

Kedarnath, a city in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, is called when one of the ancient rulers, King Kedar. . Famous due to ancient Kedarnath temple, it’s one of the noted Char Dham sites and conjointly one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The temple is known to have been built by Adi Shankaracharya in the eighth century. In a recent tragic event in 2013, the town of Kedarnath was severely affected due to the sudden flash floods in the region. The temple together with the city is known to have suffered the worst damage ever.

Kedarnath Tourism

Kedarnath is considered as one of the most sought-after holy destinations. The Kedarnath Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and has a large number of pilgrims visiting the shrine every year.

There are also the majestic peaks of Kedarnath at 6,940 m and the Kedar Dome at 6,831 m, amongst other peaks of the Himalayan range.

Kedarnath has something to offer to all types of tourists from nature lovers, to adventure seekers, to pilgrims.

Some of the must-see places in the town of Kedarnath include: Kedarnath Temple, Udar Kund, Hans Kund, Bharo Nath, Navdurga Mandir, Shankaracharya Samadhi, Ishaneswar Mahadev Temple and Ret Kund.Kedarnath temple

Best Time to Visit

Kedarnath experiences very harsh winters, that last for 6 months from the month of Nov to Apr. Due to heavy snowfall, the temple is closed for 6 months, as living in Kedarnath becomes impossible, so the locals conjointly shift their base to near villages. The region experiences monsoons from July to August, and landslides are known to affect tourism, making it unfavorable as a vacation spot. Hence, the best time to go to Kedarnath is during summers, particularly between could May till October.

Being a famous traveller spot, the city is flooded with shops, particularly around the Temple. You’ll be able to buy images and portraits of the Kedarnath Temple, or Lord Shiva and Parvati. Other than religious things, you will find a lot more in those small shops, such as: Rudraksh accessories, Crystals, Saligrams, Herbs, Precious stone.

Eating out

Eating choices are often very limited in Kedarnath. Though there can’t be found any big restaurants, but the small eateries or dhabas serve decent vegetarian food. The restaurants in Kedarnath serve only vegetarian food, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the region.

Enjoy the fantastic Kedarnath – The place of holy destination!

Places to Visit in Haridwar

Ask any Indian about the most effective holy places in the country, and Haridwar are going to be mentioned doubtless. Settled in Uttarakhand, Haridwar is the place where the Ganges River enters the Indo-Gangetic plains in North India after descending from Gaumukh in the Gangotri Glacier. Haridwar has great historical and mythological significance in Hinduism.

HaridwarThe Harki Pauri in Haridwar is one among the most sacred ghats. The Brahma Kund is found at this ghat and it’s believed that it’s the spot wherever the ‘amrit’ (nectar) fell while being carried by Garuda after the Samudra Manthan. The Kumbha Mela at Haridwar must be mentioned because it could be a grand honest with individuals coming back from everywhere India and world. Apart from this, the rush of pilgrims never abates in Haridwar, as people come to wash off their sins by taking a dip in the holy Ganges.Check out the following places to visit in Haridwar.

Best time to visit

The location of Haridwar makes the weather conditions favorable nearly throughout the year. The Shivalik Hills in the northeast and north, and therefore the Ganges River flowing in the south of Haridwar offer the town a cool and pleasant weather. Temperatures in summers rise up to 45 degrees, making it quite hot. In winters, temperatures drop down significantly. During monsoons, Haridwar faces heavy rainfall. If you are making a plan of visiting Haridwar, the best time to do so is from September to April. Carrying significant woolens is usually recommended for the winter months.


You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food in Haridwar. There are different kinds of lip-smacking delicacies available in the city. However, almost all of them are vegetarian in nature. Since Haridwar is one of the leading pilgrimage destinations in India, strictly vegetarian dishes are cooked here. Puris with potato curry, kachoris, chapattis with vegetables, etc., are some of the popular foods in Haridwar. The vegetable dishes are
done with spices and are extremely tasty. Sweets of Haridwar are also very popular.kachoris

Popular Things

It is quite obvious that once you visit Haridwar you need to understand of the favored things that the place offers to travelers and tourists. And Haridwar won’t let down you in any manner. Since it is a religious place, you’ll get completely different types of record like beads, Rudraksha, prayer things, etc. Apart from these, you’ll look out for numerous types of glass bangles and other imitation jewelry items. Some of them are quite trendy and help in making a style statement. There are lots of Places to visit in Haridwar that must not to be missed when you plan a visit to this fantastic destination.

Brass and copper utensils are obtainable in lots in Haridwar in several sizes and shapes. These can be used for pujas additionally for general functions. Baskets made of cane are also very popular. If you’re fond on pickles and Ayurvedic medicines, there’s no higher place to buy for them than Haridwar. Last but not the least, in the winters you can buy some really good woolen garments from the place.

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