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Copper Canyon Travel Guide

Named when the copper-green color of the canon walls, the Copper canon could be a network of six canyons that combined measures larger than the gorge within the us. Situated within the Sierra Madre of the state of Chihuahua, this canon system offers a number of Mexico’s most extraordinary scenery.

Copper canon is made in variety with many various species of trees, flowers and life likewise as rivers, natural hot springs, waterfalls and intriguing rock shapes like the San Ignacio formations that resemble the likes of humans, animals and plants. variety of ancient Mexican cities are found throughout the area including Creel, Hidalgo de Parall, Batopilas and Urique.

Copper canyon has traditionally been home to the native Indian tribe referred to as Tarahumara, or Rar·muri. These quiet individuals usually dwell in adobes and caves, earning income by selling numerous handicrafts like hand-carved violins and woven pine needle baskets to travelers.

There are many ways to explore Copper canyon like bus, driving, hiking, horse riding and mountain biking, however the foremost outstanding means is by the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, ordinarily known as “El Chepe.” Covering over four hundred mile of rails, eighty six tunnels and thirty-nine bridges, this train journey offers a number of the Copper Canyon’s most spectacular scenery. The train makes many scene stops like the popular one at Divisadero wherever travelers will relish breathless views and buy foods and handicrafts from the Tarahumaran people.