Adventurous Spots in India

Adventurous Spots

While India hosts and options solely a couple of activities from the massive list of journey driven sports, the situation is slowly ever-changing with the rise within the variety of individuals who are willing to experiment with new and a lot of daring sports, like stunt biking, skating, inline sport and lots of a lot of and that we hope to before long see such sports being promoted just like the aforesaid activities.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing involves scaling options like icefalls, frozen waterfalls, and cliffs and rock slabs lined with ice refrozen from flows of water. Mountain climbing was formerly a method used throughout mountain climbing expeditions that has currently evolved into an exclusive journey sport. The varied mountain climbing spots in India are Manali, Zanskar, Ladakh, Gulmarg, Deo tibba, Hanuman tibba, Pir pangal vary and Dhaulandar.

Sky Diving

Sky Diving or parachuting is an action/adventure sport that involves exiting from a flying plane, being in freefall so speed down midway with the assistance of a parachute and returning back to the bottom. A forementioned to be done solely by the foremost extreme and excessively thrill seeking adventurists. India, being the ordinal largest population within the world isn’t while notsuch thrill seekers who possess nerves of steel, as needed by this sport, there are numerous places in India which supply the expertise of this sport. They areMysore, Dana, Deesa, Pondicherry and Aamby natural depression.

Bungee Diving

Another journey sport that is certain to pump up your adrenalin to its liquid ecstasy is rope diving or rope jumping. It involves jumping from an excellent height, that is sometimes from a tower, building or a bridge whereas being hooked up to an extended elastic chord that keeps you from touching the bottom by pull you back in an exceedingly rebound. There are varied places in India wherever thrill seekers will attempt this sport; these are Rishikesh, Bangalore, Delhi and Goa.

Water Skiing

Like sport, the individual wears long footboards or simply one on his feet and is force behind a motorboat on a body of water, skimming the surface. Water sport involves a lot of endurance than regular snow sport because the active individual needs to hold on to the harness and is force by aboat at a high speed. There area unit varied places in India which provide this sport;they’re Asan Barrage, Dal & Nagin Lake, Manasbal Lake, Goa and therefore the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing refers to an outdoor sport which involves the participant scaling up a vertical rock surface. The goal is to climb up the wall/rock formation without falling, although the fall is broken by a safety rope. It’s one sport that tests the participants both physically and mentally, as one has to maintain his stamina and balance along with a huge degree of mental control. There are various rock climbing sites in India, such as Shey rock, Miyar River, Parvati valley, Malshej ghat, Savanaduga, Madhugiri, Ramanagara and Pithalmala.

Hot Air Ballooning

refers to the activity of flying a hot air balloon whereas seated within the capsule underneath it; hot air flying is one amongst the oldest human carrying flight technology, since the balloon lacks correct steering controls and moves with the wind, it’s one sport that may check your brains and ingenuity. India hosts varied festivals dedicated to the promotion of this sport, the assorted hotspots are Jaipur, Pushkar, Ranthambore, New Delhi and Manali.


Kite-surfing or kite-boarding is an extreme surface water sports which mixes, surfing, paragliding and waterskiing along. It involves the surfboarder being propelled by an outsized governable power kite that is comparable in style to a parachute across a body of water on a wake board with or while not foot straps. Proficiency in gymanstic exercise is additionally needed during this sport mutually will do varied aerial maneuvers and acrobatics whereas being irborne during surfing, as he/she is propelled by the strong winds. It’s not that well-liked in India; yet, Goa offers its guests a attempt at this extreme sport.


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