Amazing Jain Temples – Pleasures Your Eyes

Amazing Jain Temples

Jainism is a religion that recommends pacifism and a way of peacefulness towards every single living being. The reason for life as indicated by Jainism is to fix the negative impacts of karma through mental and physical cleaning. This procedure prompts to freedom joined by an awesome normal inward peace. There are upwards of 4.2 million Jain devotees in India and around 6 to 12 million around the world. A Jain sanctuary is called Derasar or Mandir relying upon where in India it is found. They are generally worked from marble stone as showed by this list of amazing Jain Temples in India.

Amazing Jain Temples

Lal Mandir

Found simply located opposite to the enormous Red Fort, the Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir is the most seasoned and best known Jain stunning in Delhi. Initially inherent 1526, the sanctuary has experienced numerous modifications and increments in the past and was extended in the mid nineteenth century. The forcing red sandstone sanctuary is otherwise called Lal Mandir that definitely pleasures your eyes.


The beautiful area of Sonagiri is arranged on a slope in India and considered as the stunning Jain Temples. A few spotless white Jain sanctuaries are scattered around Sonagiri. Both explorers and voyagers are required to climb the 300 stages to the top uncovered footed. Once at the top, explorers can wonder about the perspective of enormous white sanctuaries and chhatris whichever way you look.

Khajuraho Jain Temples

The town of Khajuraho is a standout amongst the most well known traveler destination in India. It’s various Hindu and Jain sanctuaries are well known for their sensual sculpture. The sanctuaries were worked over a traverse of 200 years, from 950 to 1150. Amid the Chandella run, Khajuraho was home to a huge and thriving Jain people group. The Jains obviously lived on the east side of town and various Jain sanctuaries have made due in this some portion of Khajuraho. Two of the large temples still remain in a decent condition of protection. This is one of the amazing Jain temples that definitely offer serene environment.

Gomateshwara Temple

The solid statue of Gomateshwara stands on a hill in the city of Shravanabelagola. Gomateshwara was the second child of Lord Adinatha, the first of the 24 Tirthankara. The 17.38 meter high solid stone statue is viewed as one of the biggest solid statues on the planet and also the top amongst the amazing jain temples. It was made around 983 AD by Chavundaraya, a clergyman of the Ganga Kingdom. Once in 12 years the Mahamastakabhisheka celebration is held and the statue of Gomateshwara is showered in drain, curds, and ghee, saffron and gold coins.

Dilwara Temples

Situated close Mount Abu, the Dilwara sanctuaries are world acclaimed for their staggering use of marble. The decorative detail spreading over the minutely cut roofs, entryways, columns and boards is just astonishing. There are 5 the amazing jain temples here, each with its own particular one of a kind personality and named after the little town in which it is found. Every one of the sanctuaries were worked by the Chalukya administration between the eleventh and thirteenth hundreds of years.


The city of Palitana is a noteworthy journey community for Jains, and this is considered as the best spot to relax. The sanctuaries of Palitana are viewed as the most consecrated journey put in Jainism. There are several amazing Jain temples situated on the consecrated Mount Shatrunjaya, flawlessly cut in marble. They were worked by eras of Jains over a time of 900 years, from the eleventh century onwards. The top is come by climbing 3,572 stages, a heavy 2 hour accent.

Ranakpur Temple

Devoted to Adinatha, the Jain Temple in Ranakpur rises superbly from the hill. The sanctuary is bolstered by more than 1444 marble columns, cut in dazzling detail. The columns are all distinctively cut and no two columns are the same. The development of this religious sanctuary and quadrupled picture symbolize the Tirthankara’s triumph of the four cardinal bearings and thus the universe. The dating of this sanctuary is dubious however it was likely worked between the late fourteenth and mid-fifteenth century.

Explore all these amazing jain temples and enjoy the serene environment with your beloved family.

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