Most Captivating Islands to Visit in Italy

Italy’s islands are stuffed with visual splendors and timeless romance. Surrounded by glittering seas and overflowing with sunshine, the islands lure guests from round the world. The subsequent islands are a number of Italy’s most stunning tiny islands, and every boasts its own particular charms. This year discover at least three of these fascinating islands and you will instantly fall in love with Italy.



Italy’s southernmost island, Lampedusa is simply seventy miles from the coast of Tunisia. The island boasts the celebrated Rabbit Beach, which generally makes “best beaches of the world” lists. With its heat African-like weather and tranquil blue waters, the island could be a gorgeous destination that’s stuffed with each natural and cultural attractions.


Situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ponza is famous for its beach Chiaia di Luna, which has been popular since Roman times. The legendary island of the Odyssey’s sorceress Circe, the island continues to enchant all those who visit. Be sure to spend time in its quaint harbor town. People are friendly and fun so you can make lots of friends, not to mention that you will find out the most hidden gems of Ponza.


StromboliLocated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the small island of Stromboli is one of the country’s three active volcanoes. The last eruption occurred in 2009. For eco-enthusiasts, Stromboli is a must-visit destination. Lava flows are rare, but the vision of the volcano is a splendid one, and the island’s settlements are charming and well worth checking out.


Historically famous for its glass-making industry, Murano is located in the Venetian Lagoon and is a must-visit destination if you are staying in Venice. First settled by ancient Romans, Murano has been associated with Venetian glass making since 1270. Rich with culture, this northern Italian island remains a magnificent destination for travelers.


PalmarolaEssentially a natural reserve, Palmarola is an enchanting island to visit with its cliffs, grottoes, and glittering bays. Many people boat to the island to marvel at its craggy shores. Sparsely inhabited, the island does boast some charming restaurants where one can enjoy the splendid views while soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

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