Must Visit Places in Mauritius

You’ll love discovering all that this charming island should provide. From cultural attractions to scenic wonders, Mauritius actually has one thing for every taste. The island lures families as well as couples – anyone who desires to get away from it all and experience a veritable island paradise.

La Vallee des Couleurs

Visitors flock to La Vallee des Couleurs to envision spectacular island piece of ground that has mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and matchless vistas. Learn about the volcanic landscape while noting the fascinating flora and fauna of the region. There are several activities in the park that are good for folks of all ages.

Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park and Nature Reserve

Crocodile and Giant Tortoises ParkMauritius is home to some spectacular creatures. This wildlife park is internationally illustrious and an excellent place to get pleasure from in spite of what age you’re. Well-liked among families, this park is located during a rain forest. Guests will get pleasure watching the Nile crocodiles and tortoises while completely protected during the excursion.

Pampelmousses Botanical Gardens

See the Giant Amazonia lily pads and other jaw-dropping examples of flora. Anyone interested in gardens and plants will find Mauritius to be a wonderland of extraordinary botanicals. Stroll through these gardens that are situated near the Moko Mountains. From beautiful waterfalls to stunning mountain views, this venue is a veritable sanctuary of beauty.

Dolphin and Whale Encounters

DolphinMauritius is the perfect place to go whale watching. Witnessing these majestic creatures as they traverse the Indian Ocean is a rare and exciting event. For vacationers who want to get more up close and personal with sea-going mammals, swimming with dolphins is also a popular Mauritius activity.

Bois Cheri

As the oldest tea plantation on the island, it’s not stunning that Bois Cheri attracts several guests annually. Located on the island’s far-famed tea route, Bois Cheri continues to provide a wide array of teas. Tour the plantation, enjoy sipping tea, and marvel at the unimaginable panoramic views of the south island.Tea Plantation

Image By JULIAN MASON,Alessandro Caproni,D-Stanley,Natesh Under Creative Common License.


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