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Things to do in Nicaragua

Travel to Nicaragua

Cerro Negro Volcano

This is a must do in Leon. The walk to the top and around the crater was great. Travel to Nicaragua and climb Cerro Negro Volcano, to enjoy the beautiful views from the top, which are priceless that black sand covering a large area is really a beauty. The feeling of the wind up there and feeling the heat of an active volcano at the same time is pretty cool. The board is really awesome try to go as fast and forget your fear because once you are down you will want to do it all over and over again. The tour cost $30 plus $5 for entry into the park. You won’t regret for the money spent because of the breathtaking views.

Masaya Volcano National Park

Travel to Nicaragua and visiting this Masaya Volcano national park which is very organized and well run. Is worth for the money spent on the visit. There is stunning view at the border of this spectacular volcano. You can go by car up to the border of the crater. It is very impressive at daytime, but even more at night (in the evening). It’s an unforgettable experience for you to see the red and yellow colors of the lava in the darkness. If you are in Managua you should Double check that there is still lava. Travel to Nicaragua may be long but it is really worth.

Isla Ometepe

The Isla Ometepe island is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Rent a scooter or motorcycle and go around yourself, it requires a few days to be explored fully and the climb to the two volcanoes is challenging due to the hot weather. Don’t miss the butterfly’s sanctuary as it is the best example of conservation. You need more than two days to understand how Ometepe works. There’s plenty to do and lots of activities to keep children engaged and occupied. Definitely, it is worth to make the effort to visit the island. Travel to Nicaragua is long but really worth.

Laguna de Apoyo

This Laguna de Apoyo is great with teenagers. The water is lovely and warm. There are lots of activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding or simply lying in the sun taking in the stunning surroundings. If you’re looking for majestic views then you’re in the right place. This is one of the best places to swim and relax in Nicaragua. There are no vendors or (usually) crowds. It just tranquil beauty and a perfect temperature clean lake. It has the most stunning sunrise. It’s a great place to stay if you are looking for a quiet little retreat to relax for a while.

Somoto Canyon

The Canyon is nice and unique and it was super fun for everybody. The tour through the Canyon is absolutely unique and a must-do for every traveler in Nicaragua. You walk, swim, climb and jump your way through the Canyon which is a great experience. You can choose your own level of adventure by jumping from 2-20 meters high cliffs. You must be fit for the tour; especially if you jump as climbing some rocks might be dangerous and slippery.

Playa Las Penitas

Travel to Playa Las Penitas and see the beach and surrounding areas are visually stunning. This waterside town and beach is a great location to enjoy the water. If you love surfing you will love this place, you won’t find huge waves like on TV but you will enough waves to surf. There is hostel right at the beach, as well as hotels. Here, there are all kinds of food from vegan to carnivore to seafood. It’s only 20kms away from Leon. Most of the places are quite expensive along this beach. This is a highly recommended day trip away from the bustle and heat of Leon.

San Juan Del Sur Beach

The place is very nice and full of tourists; Travel to San Juan Del Sur Beach, there are various activities to do like surfing and fishing, many restaurants and bars and a nice vibe with music in many places. The sunset is breathtaking. This town of San Juan Del Sur is blessed you to have a long beach that spreads across the whole bay. Here all the local town action happens, Soccer Games, Volleyball, families and street performers.

Ojo de Agua

Travel to Ojo de Agua, It’s a very Relaxing and refreshing spot For $5 you get to spend the day swimming and playing in the perfect crystal clear water that is always the perfect temperature. There is a more tranquil pool as well as the large pool that has a rope swing and a slack line to cross. There is both food and drink available to buy on site. Nice swimming location with a natural spring that is turned into the pool. Travel to Nicaragua is little expensive but really worth it.