Biggest Festivals around the World for Gourmet Travellers

Many travellers plan their holidays around an event or festival. Food festivals are becoming more and more popular with gourmet travellers and there is a virtual feast of opportunities for the holidaying foodie.

You can check out some of these scrumptious food festivals right here. For more in depth help in planning the perfect gourmet holiday talk to a travel professional who has already done the research: Travel Associates have over 15 years of rich travel experience you can draw from.

Truffle Festival: Italy

The truffle festival is somewhat of a speciality event. Each October truffle lovers arrive to celebrate the opening of white truffle season. You can hit the Truffle Market to buy truffle and for those with expensive tastes there is the chance to purchase the rarest of truffles at a trifling $2,000 US a kilo.

Galway Oyster Festival: Galway, Ireland

This is one of the oldest food festivals in the world, harking back to 1954. Set on the wild west coast of Ireland it is a festival for serious oyster fans. The World Oyster Opening Championships is fought out each year.

garlic-festival-bulbsGarlic Festival: Isle of Wight

If garlic is your thing this festival is a must for you. It features all things garlic, from garlic ice-cream, to garlic beer and garlic fudge. This festival raises money for 65 charities and is set in summer on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Savour: Singapore

This is a new food festival where festival-goers get to enjoy a plethora of Singaporean cuisine. This event features an indoor gourmet auditorium, a massive 5,000 square metre gourmet market and an al fresco Gourmet Village. 100 of the world’s best restaurants vie for attention at this event. Prices are fabulous with tickets starting from just $40.

La Tomatina: Spain

This festival dates back to the 1940’s and is world famous as the largest tomato fight on the planet. Excess tomatoes are thrown through the streets by around 30,000 participants!

Maine Lobster Festival: Rockland, United States

This festival has been running for 60 years and is still one the world’s most popular food festivals. Literally thousands of lobsters are boiled in the world’s largest steamer to feed the hungry crowds. Contestants compete for the Crustacean Cup as they race across lobster crates in the Great International Lobster Crate Race.

Hokitika-Wildfoods-FestivalHokitika Wild Food Festival: New Zealand

This wild event takes place on New Zealand’s south island. It is an event for the bravest of foodies. Some of the fare you can expect to sample at this event include sheep’s testicles (mountain oysters), chocolate covered huhu grubs and magpie pies. For the more discerning foodie there is delicious home-cured bacon and rhubarb wine to be enjoyed.

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival: Sydney, Australia

Each October is foodie month in Sydney and the Crave Festival draws international chefs along with visitors wanting to sample some of the best Australian fine dining. Combine some seriously fabulous food with Sydney’s tunning harbour views and you have a winning combination for visitors.

So foodies, why not consider a gourmet festival holiday?

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