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Family Friendly Vacation Spots – Best Spots in Spokane

Family Friendly Vacation Spots

Spokane, situated on Interstate 90 in the eastern part of Washington State, also it embraces the Idaho border. Enchanting 260 clear days per year and warm temperatures than you’ll discover west of the Cascade Mountains, this city offers families a heap of attractions and adventures to experience. This city is considered as the most visited destination from all over the world composing numerous Family Friendly Vacation Spots. People, who stepping in to Spokane are sure to discover something that each and every person of their family will cherish throughout their lifetime. Read More

Day Trips around Brisbane to Celebrate Father’s Day

In this tech-addicted world, one misses personal interaction the most, especially with one’s parents. So spend the day instead planning a day trip with your father around the town of Brisbane.

Falling on a Sunday, you can get attractive discounts & deals on car hire in Brisbane this Father’s Day. Look for a reliable & budget-friendly car rental service online and choose a comfortable ride.

With the transport issue sorted, it’s time to pick the right spots where you can spend some quality time with your father.

1. Relaxing Day in Noosaville

A 2.3 hour drive away from Brisbane Downtown, Noosaville or ‘The Golden Mile’ as the locals call it, is a great place to relax and unwind. The long stretch of golden sand, breathtaking views and calm water along the banks of The Noosa River will make you forget all your worries.

You can explore the gorgeous Noosa River by hopping onto a ferry. Try your hand at kayaking, jet skiing or jet boat ride. To shop and eat, Gympie Terrace and Thomas Street are two popular ‘eat streets’ worth checking out.
Treat your dad to a pontoon boat ride or walk along the Noosaville foreshore. You can also set-up a quiet, non-fussy picnic on the foreshore and enjoy some fish and chips.

2. Wonders of the Rainforest in Springbrook

If you want to escape the city life, then Springbrook with its awe-inspiring rainforests and fresh mountain air is an ideal day trip spot. It takes approximately 1.30-2 hours to reach Springbrook from Brisbane Downtown.

You can park your car at the Gwongorella Picnic Area Car Park and then hike to (4 km circuit walk) the Purling Brook Falls. If your father enjoys long hikes then drive to the Canyon Lookout and walk the 17 km long Warrie Circuit.

Take a walk to the highest lookout point ‘Best of All Lookout’ on Springbrook plateau and pass through cool mists, twisted vines and endless greenery.

To grab a quick-bite, coffee, and tea, visit Puddleducks Café, Dancing Waters Café, or the Scuttlebutt Café Restaurant.

3. Rendezvous with Nature in Mount Tamborine

Adventure sports, art galleries, breweries, wineries, spas and gardens, the list of things you can do in Mount Tamborine is endless. An hour’s drive from Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain is perfect for active travelers who want to make the most of every minute of their day.

Love nature walks? Take your pick from Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk that offers stunning view of Cedar Creek falls, Sandy Creek Circuit that leads to Cameron Falls or Palm Grove Rainforest Circuit where you can meet tall Piccaneen palms and red-necked Pademelons.

After a peaceful walk amid mother nature, enjoy a hot air balloon ride, play mini golf, chill in the Thunderbird Park, and visit the various popular Art Galleries like The Arthur Hamblin Art Gallery & The Art Gallery Studio Retreat.

6 Travel Gadgets That You Should Always Have in Your Suitcase

According to a survey by Consumer Reports, 94 percent of American travelers bring electronic devices on vacation, with two out of every three taking a smartphone.This likely comes as no surprise to smartphone owners, but what kind of smartphone should be on your travel gadget list? And what other devices should you never leave home without? Here’s a round-up of travel gadgets that should have a permanent spot in your suitcase.

Galaxy S7

A quality smartphone should be water resistant, durable, not terribly expensive and come with a high-quality camera. The Samsung Galaxy S7 allows for unlimited streaming video with their “Binge On” app. Its 12 MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing camera make for smooth and crisp photos and video. And, unlike other smartphones that drain your phone when you’re taking and watching videos, the Galaxy S7 has 28 hours of talk time and 12 entire days of standby time. So your phone will stay powered up even if you’re in a remote area, want to disconnect or just want to take photos every once in a while.


Ever been stuck in a part of the world where even the bottled water smelled or tasted suspect? Don’t leave home without a UV water purifier. SteriPEN is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. You can camp and hike comfortably near natural water sources without worrying about rationing out your canteen filled with bottled water. Just stick SteriPEN directly into your water bottle or glass and turn it on for under a minute. It eliminates Cryptosporidium, which can cause diarrhea and other intestinal ailments. SteriPEN is also super portable and eliminates the mess of tablets that dissolve in your water.


Traveling with all of your devices? Need a charge on the go? Electronic addicts shouldn’t leave home without the Tylt backpack. It comes with a 10,400mAh battery pack to charge four different devices. A micro-USB connector recharges your battery pack so you’re ready to go the next day. Store your cables in a front zipper pocket designed to stay neat, orderly and convenient to charge while walking or taking a tour.

Bragi Dash

Noise cancelling headphones often make travel must-have lists. But their bulk isn’t always practical while traveling. Meanwhile, earbuds often require untangling a long cord, usually in mid-air while trying to block out the noise of a screaming child. Pick up a set of Bragi cordless earbuds before your next trip. These Bluetooth enabled headphones let you listen to music, take phone calls and respond to voice commands. And, unlike most earbuds that are only moderately comfortable, Bragi earbuds are designed to live in your ears with FitTip sizing for secure comfort so you don’t have to constantly fiddle with them.


Eliminate the stress of skyrocketing charges for text and GPS when traveling around the world. goTenna puts both capabilities on your phone without any service required. This means you can trek through remote jungles and mountains and still stay connected to your travel buddies. This USB-style stick uses old-school radio waves to send messages to others nearby. You can share your location on a hike, send encrypted messages or just enjoy one-on-one messaging.


There’s a smart gadget for everything else in your life, so why not your suitcase? The Bluesmart suitcase is the size of an airline approved carry-on and can track itself, auto lock and even charge your devices. Worried about weight restrictions after stuffing your bag with new clothes and souvenirs? Bluesmart will also weigh itself so you know what to expect before you get to the airport. And if your bag gets lost or stolen, you can track its GPS location right from your smartphone.


5 of the Best Things to Do on a Holiday in Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country with some exciting medieval towns, the waterfall-laced mountains of Dinaric Alps, the deep blue waters of the Adriatic coastline, sprawling vineyards, gorgeous beaches, some wonderful architectural beauties, and some amazing islands. This Central European country has a very exciting blend of tradition and glamour. If Croatia is the next European destination you plan on exploring, make sure you don’t miss the following 5 best things to do in Croatia:

Spend Some Quality Time on Croatian Beaches

The number of wonderful beaches in Croatia is endless. So, visiting some of the best beaches in Croatia is a must. According to Touropia, some of the most popular beaches include Omis Beach, Banje Beach, Dubovica Beach, Makarska Beach, StaraBaska, Queen’s Beach, Sveti Ivan, Punta Rata, Rajska Plaza and Zlatni Rat. Most of these beaches are located in the country’s vast number of islands and on the Adriatic coastline.

Explore Some Wonderful Islands

There are more than 1000 islands that make up Croatia. Most of these islands are filled with gorgeous beaches, small medieval towns, exciting historical ruins, amazing little villages, and very welcoming people. Some of the most known Croatian islands include Hvar Island, Mljit Island, BracIsland, Vis Island, Rab, Murtar Island, Pag, Palagruza, and Lopud. Hvar is by far the best island vacation destination in Croatia,Vis Island is known for its local food and wine,Brac island is perfect for taking parts in some exciting water sports andMljit Island is most known for its wonderful and unspoilt nature. You will enjoy your time exploring these exciting Croatian islands.


Enjoy The Wonderful Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia is the wonderful waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park. The park boasts of 16 crystalline lakes whichtumble into each other via a series of cascades and waterfalls. You willlove beholding the clouds of butterflies drift above the 18 km wooden pathways and footbridges and the mineral-rich waters carve through the rocks, depositing Tufa in constantly changing formations.

Experience Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations in Croatia. There are so many wonderful things to do and see here. Walking on its wonderful medieval walls, exploring its fortsand palaces, having a cable car ride, tasting some of the best Croatian food and wine are among the best things to do in Dubrovnik.

Visit the Pula Amphitheater

The Pula Amphitheater, popularly known as Arena of Pula, is one of the most remarkable historical ruins in Croatia. This exciting architectural beauty resembles the renowned Colosseum in Rome and is believed to have been built in the first century AD. These days, a number of summer performances, including concerts, Opera Season, Equestrian festivals and film festival are arranged here. It can still accommodate around 5000 spectators.

These are just the five of so many wonderful things to do and see on vacation in Croatia. At least, you can’t afford to miss any of these five activities to have one of the best experience of your lifetime.