Family Friendly Vacation Spots – Best Spots in Spokane

Family Friendly Vacation Spots

Spokane, situated on Interstate 90 in the eastern part of Washington State, also it embraces the Idaho border. Enchanting 260 clear days per year and warm temperatures than you’ll discover west of the Cascade Mountains, this city offers families a heap of attractions and adventures to experience. This city is considered as the most visited destination from all over the world composing numerous Family Friendly Vacation Spots. People, who stepping in to Spokane are sure to discover something that each and every person of their family will cherish throughout their lifetime.

Family Friendly Vacation Spots in Spokane

Check out the best spots in Spokane that must not be missed in your bucket list.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is considered as one of the best enchanting American urban parks, which is one of the Family Friendly Vacation Spots in Spokane to visit with kids. Riverfront Park, a large play space for both youngsters and aged people in the heart of downtown, can keep you occupied for many hours. Pose by the giant red Radio Flyer wagon for a vacation souvenir photo, relax and enjoy the beauty of the park while your kids play, feed the junk eating goat and watch him eat it up or ride the Looff Carousel. Take a 15-minute visit from a mesmerising Spokane Falls Sky Ride where you’ll get a panoramic view of the eye-catching city. This spot always has something new to enjoy from its top view.

Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls are one of the top Spokane attractions situated in the main business region of downtown, which adds additional beauty to the city. Once there were huge Native American people lived here, and they affectionately called the falls as “swift water.”

The falls are separated into two sections: the Upper Falls is the site of the Upper Falls Dam constructed in 1920 while the Lower Falls includes the Monroe Street Dam, which was built 1890 and produces hydroelectricity for the city. These falls are protected and preserved by an association called “The Friends of the Falls”.

Mobius Science Center

Are you ready to play with interactive exhibits? Step in to the most interesting Mobius Science Center, where both the parents and the kids will more fun here. Almost every exhibit is interactive. This is the only place where you can perform a digital autopsy, which let you learn a lot about the human body. Moving around the centre you can look through a magnifying lens at a drop of water taken from the Spokane River, learn the secrets of magnets, and roll balls over spinning disks to see what way those balls pick.

Mica Moon Zip Tours

If you are a wife life adventure, Mica Moon Zip Tour is the best spot for you. A trip to Mica Moon Zip is an exciting way to find out some of the wild nature around Spokane from high above the treetops. The visit endures around two and half hours, and begins at the Liberty Lake Portal about halfway to Mica Peak. From the lake, you will drive an UTV along grand trails to the highest point of the company property, where you will be strapped into a security bridle and given guidelines on safe zip lining.

Mica Moon tour takes you over forest glens, over a valley, over a mountain stream that definitely gives you an unforgettable experience throughout your life. You will see a large number of these attractions as you swing from a line high in the treetops, however the visit additionally includes two trail hikes, giving you the chance to spot birds, elk, and other wild life.

Cat Tales Zoo

A short car ride from downtown, you’ll discover the Cat Tales Zoo. This Zoological Park is composed of 40 big cats like tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers, catamounts and more. You cannot have any adventurous activity here all you can do is to feed one of the large cats without fear. I fed a tiger and although that’s not an experience that was on my bucket list, it should have been. What an experience. It is one of the family friendly vacation spots for all age groups. You don’t need to worry about your safety as you will be given the best protection

Spokane Symphony

If you are a music lover, then you must step into the best pleasuring spot called Spokane Symphony. It is an expert in orchestra that performs the most of its shows at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox on West Sprague Avenue. This orchestra is founded in 1945 and named as the Spokane Philharmonic; later the 70 members of this troop renamed it as Spokane Symphony in 1962.

In addition to its usual shows, the orchestra performs Super Pops performances and offers two free park shows at Liberty Lake’s Pavilion Park and Spokane’s Comstock Park.

If you want to learn more about the music, this spot is the best option as it offers a large variety of education programs including Education at the Symphony, Music Heals with Spokane Tribe, and elementary and secondary school programs.

Queen of Sheba

Spokane is not only famous for its attractions; it is also famous for its mouth watering cuisine that draws attention of the visitors all over the world. Queen of Sheba is the best spot for wetting your tongues as it holds variety of dishes for all sorts of age. This particular restaurant is very well decorated with original Ethiopian ethnic art, but the true art comes from the kitchen. The most famous dish here is Injera, which is traditional Ethiopian bread, a soft, spongy crepe used to dip in the thick sauce of Yesiga and authentic Ethiopian spices. This restaurant is also offer the best Ethiopian flavorful coffee for coffee lover.

Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park is a ski resort situated on North Mount Spokane Park Drive. The park is situated inside the Mount Spokane State Park around 23 miles northeast of Spokane city. The park has five chairlifts to take skiers and snowboarders from the base to the top at 5,889 feet. Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park also offers nighttime skiing, a tubing hill, and lodges that definitely worth your money.

If you wish to spend some more days in Spokane, explore some of the other interesting places such as Avista Stadium, Latah Creek Winery, Gonzaga University, Mobius Children’s Museum that definitely worth your money and effort.

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