Switzerland is a country that offers magnificent views, delightful experiences and is considered as the most beautiful country in Europe. There are plenty of reasons to go to Switzerland, the breathtaking views, the taste of Swiss chocolate, endless selection of cheese, scenic beauty of the alps are all inviting!

People usually skip over this country, due to the fact that Switzerland has been rated as the most expensive country in the world. They wait until they are older and hopefully wealthier. Travelers can’t think of visiting Switzerland by only spending a few dollars a day, but it’s also surprising to know that it’s possible on a relatively light budget. It’s hard but not impossible.

Estimate your budget while planning your trips in advance. It’s not advisable to rent a car. A rail pass will help you save money, so plan to travel by train, boat, bus or cable cars. Traveling is free in some cases even without a rail pass. If you book a hotel in Bern, Geneva, St. Moritz, access to local public transport free. If you book an airport hotel, free rides to the airport are often included and it would help in balancing the budget.

Accommodation can be quite expensive in Switzerland but there are a few economical options. Collect a few hotel points before deciding your travel budget and utilize them while you stay in the country. In the rural areas, you can find some campsites which are really reasonable. There is an increase in the market for youth hostels in recent years, these having excellent decors.

The Museum of History of Science in Geneva and the Omega Museum in Biel are some of the museum that does not have any entry fee. To visit museums and other attractions in Switzerland use your Swiss Pass which gives a free entry.

Swiss water is safe to drink and you can save by choosing tap water in place of expensive drinks at the cafes and restaurants. In place of dine- in you can opt to preparing lunch by buying some bread rolls, cereal bars or other preferred foods that are easy to take along. Also, it’s a bonus for vegetarians as meat is expensive in Switzerland, so prefer sticking to the veggies. For eating out, prefer to go during the lunch hours as lunch specials are cheaper and cost around 10- 19 CHF. For the best deals and biggest portions stick to the ethnic restaurants like Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, or Thai. Also, if you want to have a drink, stick to hostel bars. It’s costly to have a drink outside.

There is no doubt that Switzerland is an expensive country. At the price point of $75 USD, you’d have enough money to do the basics, stay in some hostels, go out, and enjoy some adventure and outdoor activities. It would limit your ability to really enjoy what Switzerland has to offer if you anything lower than this price point.

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  • Thank you for giving me some ideas on how to keep my costs down! Switzerland looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to hear more about your actual itinerary if you’ve created a post on that. Look forward to your next post

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