Get Through the Party Season in Style

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate and these days there’s certainly no shortage of occasions to toast with a little drink. Between birthdays, weddings and stressful work days, a drink can become an easy way to let off a little steam. But with Christmas fast approaching it is important to remember to stay hydrated and happy throughout the festive period.

Swap spirits for soft drinks

Rather than sticking to the traditional festive tipples like wine, spirits and beer why not try the fab fizzy flavours of a multitude of delicious soft drinks? Whilst it can be tempting to turn to those old staples like lemonade and coke, the market offers an exciting array of drinks with no alcohol content designed to thrill all palettes, so why not branch out and try a new soft drink? After a while, alcohol can all begin to taste quite similar as your taste buds become accustomed to the same old flavours, so introduce yourself and your friends to a new selection of drinks you can discover together.

RedPunch_thumbTry a refreshing alternative

Whilst overindulging at Christmas is a tale as old as time, rather than drinking to excess take a break between alcoholic drinks and down a glass of water or grab a refreshing hit courtesy of soft drink alternatives. As many of these alternatives are made with natural ingredients and boast bold flavours there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out on the festive fun. And even better, you get to skip the hideous hangover the next day.

Complement those light party nibbles with a soft drink

Avoiding drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is sound advice, as an absence of food in your system means that the alcohol molecules can reach the brain and liver much faster than usual. Since many end up hopping from party to party with usually only a handful of token nibbles to pick at, it can make good sense to stick to the soft stuff. Sipping non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening not only allows you to keep your best party persona on form but also means you can have fun knowing you’ll get home safely when the dance floor clears.

Pace yourself for the perfect party

Whilst you don’t need to abstain from drinking altogether, just remember if you start the party at five and carry on the celebrations until 11 that’s six hours on the sauce – a heavy night out by any standards!

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