Online Bingo: How Does It Stack Up For Travellers?

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The last decade has seen a massive growth in online bingo, while bingo halls have been on the slide. But just how well does the online version compare to traditional bingo? Can it ever truly stack up?

Gaming On the Go

By allowing people to participate from home, online bingo is a more accessible option. And with a 20% rise in the number of mobile phone players between 2013 and 2014, it’s becoming increasingly common to play on the go. Most importantly for travellers, that means you can play anywhere in the world, and going travelling or on holiday doesn’t mean having to miss out. Your gaming can finally be as flexible and well-travelled as you are!

Social Aspect

Undoubtedly, a visit to a bingo hall offers more in the way of social interaction than playing online. After all, there’s no substitute for meeting up with people in person. So the online version certainly loses some of the social aspect associated with bingo.

But many online players love the social interaction provided by live chat rooms, allowing them to converse with other players during games. Compared to the strictly observed silences of bingo halls, some would argue once a game is underway, online bingo is actually more sociable.

It’s also common for groups of friends to play online bingo together. Whether in the same room, or communicating via live chat from separate locations, it still provides for a pleasant social experience. That means it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends back home while you’re abroad, giving you something to do while you catch up online.


There are around 400 bingo halls in the UK, less than half of what there once was. As well as the rise in online gambling, high taxes and the smoking ban are believed to have been important factors in this drop in popularity.

On the other hand, online bingo has seen massive growth, with hundreds of options now available. Major bookmakers, such as William Hill, have a bingo option on their site, and there are many companies who focus primarily on offering online bingo services, such as Jackpot Joy or Foxy Bingo, while general sites like Euro Palace games almost always feature bingo.

Whatever you may think of online bingo, people seem to like it.

Different Kind of Customer

Perhaps the greatest reason for the success in online bingo has been its ability to appeal to a wider audience. Traditional bingo halls tend to attract an older clientele, those who grew up with bingo hall culture and are accustomed to it. However, most bingo halls in the UK are aging structures which haven’t changed much over the years, and hold little appeal for younger players.

Online bingo providers, on the other hand, have marketed themselves successfully towards modern players. They launch huge advertising campaigns, offer a variety of games on their sites to suit all tastes, and have introduced successful innovations such as live chat during games.

Online Bingo Stacks Up

Although it can never provide the level of social interaction involved in a physical gathering of people, online bingo certainly compares favourably to the traditional offering, particularly for more modern bingo players.

It’s convenient, appeals to much larger audience, and still manages to offer a sociable experience. And while it may not satisfy those nostalgic for a “traditional” bingo experience, it seems that plenty of people are very happy with it.


Written by Gareth Monet.

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