Las Vegas. The ultimate destination for a vacation filled with parties, gambling and glamor. But outside the glam and glitter of the city strip, a whole new Las Vegas is waiting for you. Beneath all its glam and glory, Las Vegas has a completely different kind of beauty under its sleeves, which is raw, exciting and Adventurous. And if you are looking for your adrenaline fix, then your Las Vegas experience will not be complete if you do not see the Las Vegas attractions I am talking about.

1: Helicopter Tour over the Grand Canyon

Taking a helicopter tour over the majestic Grand Canyon will certainly be one of the most memorable experiences you can have in Las Vegas. Just after a 30 minute drive from the city, you will soon be soaring at the stunning beauty of this region. Enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Mead, Guano Point, Eagle Point and more from a bird’s eye point of view while flying over the Canyon on a helicopter. Then enjoy an incredible 4000 feet plunge in the mighty Canyon itself, where you’ll land on a private plateau overlooking the Colorado River. You can enjoy a private picnic meal on the plateau itself, indulging in champagne and a choice of gourmet delicacies. It is truly one life changing experience.

2: Hot Air Balloon Flight over Las Vegas

Hot air ballooning is one of the must do morning activities when you are in Las Vegas. Reach the take-off spot at sunrise, and watch the 10 stories high balloon get inflated. Then join your pilot to the basket for take-off, and drift silently over the Las Vegas city. There is something serene about watching the day break over the Las Vegas strip. As the city lights begin to fade and your ride moves a little closer to the countryside, keep an eye out for the wildlife this area has to offer. The whole flight time lasts about 45 to 75 minutes depending on the weather conditions, and each of the ride is unique on its own, as the course and the landing spot is completely dependent of the wind strength and direction. Once you touch down, you’ll end your ride with one of the oldest ballooning traditions – a champagne toast.

3: Black Canyon Rafting

While you’re in Las Vegas, you can take an awe-inspiring day trip through the spectacular Black Canyon – which is the natural gorge of the mighty Colorado River, just below the Hoover Dam. You can combine this adventurous trip with a tour of the Hoover Dam itself, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place from atop this famous landmark itself. Cruise along the water of the majestic Colorado River and experience the history, wildlife and the beauty of this otherwise inaccessible and rugged dessert landscape.

Las Vegas has much more things to offer than its casinos and lavish hotels, which will certainly appeal to the more adventurous side of you. So whether you are a Las Vegas veteran or a Las Vegas virgin, make sure to include these three things in your itinerary of your upcoming Las Vegas trip to get your daily dosage of adrenaline. You can be sure to discover a completely new side of this beautiful city.

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